It’s never easy...
Shipping your equipment off to the person on the internet.

But we will do it correctly!

All IPL service is the same price!

“We are able to service all of the Cutera IPL's for just $1,900 plus shipping.”


The Laser Man Promise

When you choose The Laser Man for your refurbishing needs, it will include replacing the lamp, calibrating to factory specifications,cleaning & polishing the reflective cavity along with cleaning and aligning all optical components. We will also repair and/or replace any damaged wiring, water flow tubings, connectors, and electrical contacts. Resetting the shot count on the internal chip will be performed with NO DONGLES or safety bypasses. We fully test and calibrate each hand piece for proper operation and power output. We Replace all Lamps and O'rings! Dont let Other shops just Reset the Shot Count and hope the lamp lasts.